Collections of the Presidential Library.Series "Documents and Materials".[].Preparing Judicial Reform of 1864: First Bill...

Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Collections of the Presidential Library / Presidential Library.- Petersburg: FSBI "Presidential Library", 2011-.-.1. The Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, city) - Collections.2. Digital Libraries - Russian Federation.3. Russia - History - Collections.BBK 78.36ya43BBK 78.34 (2) I43BBK 63.3 (2) I43Source of electronic copy: BOPOriginal storage: PB[Vol.1]: Preparation of the judicial reform of 1864: first bills: collection of documents: on the 150th anniversary of the Judicial Statutes, November 20, 1864 / [scientific editors and drafters: D. I. Lukovskaya, Dr. jurid.sciences, prof., merit.scientist Ros.Federation, honorary worker of Ros.Federation, N.V. Dunaev, Doctor of Law.sciences].- St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2014. -632, [1] p., [1] p.Portr.: ill., fax .. - (Series "Documents and Materials" scientific editors: D. I. Lukovskaya, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, N. V. Dunaeva, Doctor of Law.sciences).-Bibliography in footnotes.The collection contains laws, bills, documents of official workflow of the highest state bodies of the Russian Empire in 1857 - 1862, related to the beginning of large-scale legislative work on the preparation of judicial reform.-300 copies-ISBN 978-5-905273-53-7.I. Lukovskaya, Genevera Igorevna.II.Dunaeva, Natalya Viktorovna (Doctor of Law) .1.Power (collection).2. Judicial reform of 1864 (collection).3. The Presidential Library: yesterday, today, tomorrow (collection).4. Judicial reform - Russia - 1864 - Collections.BBK 63.3 (2) 52-3y43BBK 67.3 (2) 52ya43Source of electronic copy: BOPOriginal storage: PB
ISBN 978-5-905273-53-7
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