Bolshakova Elena Rodionovna [1930s]


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Bolshakova Elena Rodionovna [1930s]: [photo].- [Leningrad, between 1930 and 1940].- Photo printing, black and white.-Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the accompanying document.Electronic reproduction (2 files, JPEG: 1.6 MB).Photo of Elena Rodionovna Bolshakova (in height, stands half a turn to the right).Copying by users is not permitted.Bolshakova (nee Grigoryeva) Elena Rodionovna (1920-2010) - a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.Born in the Brusovsky district of the Kalinin region.Since the 1930slived in Leningrad.During the Great Patriotic War, she was a fighter in the self-defense detachment of Leningrad.She was awarded the medals "For the Defense of Leningrad" and "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.".1. Bolshakova, Elena Rodionovna (1920-2010) - Photos.2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection).3. The people (collection).4. Russia in persons (collection).5. Territory (collection).6. Territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection).7. Residents of besieged Leningrad - Photos.8. Documentary photographs.9. Portrait photographs.BBK 63.3 (2) 622-8a611BBK 63.3 (2-2SPb) 614-8ya611Source of electronic copy: BOPOriginal storage: From a private collection
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