About theater and theatrical business in the Voronezh region


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Voronezh region.The laws.About theater and theatrical business in the Voronezh region: the Law of the Voronezh region on October 5, 2017 № 119-OZ: Regional Duma adopted September 29, 2017.- Voronezh, 2017. -5 sheets.-At the end of the text: The governor of the Voronezh region A. Gordeev.Place and date of signing: Voronezh, October 5, 2017.Electronic version of the legal act (5 files, JPEG: 5,0 MB).Update: The official internet-portal of legal information (pravo.gov.ru) on 06.10.2017 (№ 3600201710060009)..I. Voronezh region.Duma.1.Power (collection).2. The area (collection).3. The people (set).4. The territory of Russia: Voronezh region (collection).5. Year of theater in Russia (the collection).6. Theaters - Voronezh region - legal acts.BBK 67.401.122k1BBK 85.333 (2Ros-4Vor) k1BBK 71.41 (2Ros-4Vor) k1electronic copy Source: PB
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