The Constitution of the Republic of Karelia


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The Republic of Karelia.The Constitution (1978).Republic of Karelia Constitution: 30 May 1978 (as amended by the Law of RK from 12.02.2001 number 473-SAM ... from 7.1.2019 number 2381-SAM).- [Petrozavodsk 1978].-32 l .. -.1. Karelia Republic.Constitution.1978. 2. The authorities (the collection).3. The constitution - the Basic Law (the collection).4. The Constitution - the Fundamental Law.Constitution of the Russian Federation (the collection).5. The area (collection).6. The territory of Russia: Karelia, Republic of (collection).7. Republic of Karelia: the pages of history (collection).8. Karelia, Republic of - Legal status - Legislative materials.BBK 67.400.11 (2Ros.Kar) 02electronic copy Source: Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia.WebsiteThe storage location of the original: the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia.Website
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