Two leaders of the Troubles: False Dmitry I and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky


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Sedov Pavel (Doctor of Historical Sciences, 1960).Two leaders of the Troubles: False Dmitry I and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky: [video lecture] / Pavel Sedov, head of the department of ancient Russian history of the St. Petersburg Institute of History of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences.- Electronic data (video 1).-Sankt Petersburg Presidential Library, 2018. - (video materials, "Knowledge of the Russian" The era of the Time of Troubles in Russia.) (Video materials School).-Systems.Requirements: PC 1 GHz or higher;512 MB RAM or higher;OS Windows;Windows Media Player;video card;sound card.Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title screen.On the front frame: The era of the Time of Troubles in Russia.Video lectures are presented in the framework of the educational project of the Presidential Library "video materials" Knowledge of Russia ".Duration: 36 min 54 s.Col., Sound.Multimedia electronic edition.users copying is not allowed..I. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).... The "video materials" Knowledge of Russia "II of Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1 False Dmitry I (-? 1606) - Multimedia publishing 2. Pozharsky Dmitry Mikhailovich (1578 - 1642) -. Multimedia publishing 3.. The people of (collection) 4. Overcoming Troubles in Russia (collection) 5. "time of Troubles" -.. Multimedia publishing 6. Video lectures..BBK 63.3 (2) 44-3ya04electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PB
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