NG Kaznakov, (1824-1885 biennium).

Chudovsky A.NG Kaznakov, (1824-1885 gg.): A biographical sketch / [A.Chudovsky].- Omsk: Type.Staff 1902 -13 with .. -Without a cover sheet and cover.Title given to the 1st c.text.Author Set at the end of the text..1. Kaznakov, Nicholas G. (1823-1885).2. The Russian Geographical Society.West Siberian Department - History.3. The area (collection).4. Russia in the people of (the collection).5. Omsk region: pages of history (collection).6. The territory of the Russian Omsk Region (collection).BBK 63.3 (28) 52-8BBK 26.8 (28-8Tom) 52gelectronic copy Source: Omsk GongbeiThe storage location of the original: Omsk Gongbei
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