Presidential Library.10 years.development time


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Presidential Library.10 years.Development time: [video presentation on the activities of the Presidential Library / narration: YV Sennikova;Scenario: NY Raytsev, MI Evseev VI Dygalo, TE Smolin;Director: NY Raytsev;installation, computer graphics: MI Yevseyev];Presidential Library.- Electronic data (video 1).-Sankt Petersburg Presidential Library, 2019. -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Systems.Requirements: PC 1 GHz or higher;512 MB RAM or higher;OS Windows;Windows Media Player;video card; screen.Duration: 3 min 29 s.Col., Sound.The presentation video highlights the main activities of the Presidential Library as a national electronic repository of digital copies of important documents on the history, theory and practice of the Russian state, the Russian language, as well as a multimedia multi-function (cultural, educational, scientific, educational and information-analytical) Center.I. Sennikova, Yaroslav V..II.Dygalo, Victor I..III.Smolin, Tatiana E..IV.Raytsev, Nikolay Yakovlevich.V. Yevseyev, Marina I..VI.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg City) - Multimedia publishing.2. The people (set).3. Presidential Library: yesterday, today and tomorrow (collection).BBK 78.347.1 (2Ros) PBya04electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PB
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