Disturbing everyday Zabaikalskaya counterintelligence


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Solovyev, Alexey (Col., 1931).Disturbing everyday Zabaikalskaya Intelligence: the archives of special services say the Trans-Baikal Territory / Soloviev AV;[Foreword .: GR Graubin].- Ed.2 eispr.and ext.-Sankt Petersburg: Russia, 2019. -718, [1] s.: Ph .. - (From the secret and personal archives).-Bibliography.in footnotes.Note .. - Alf.decree.Name: s.699-716.The book "Disturbing everyday Zabaikalskaya counterintelligence" prepared on the basis of archival documents and tells about the people who served in the Trans-Baikal security agencies.Author of the book - the colonel of the KGB-FSB, Honorary Member of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation, honorary citizen of the Chita Region and the city of Chita.At the heart of essays - Documents archive of Federal Security Service of Russia on the Trans-Baikal Territory and the State Archive of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Office of the memories of veterans, books and materials of mass media relating to the security agencies.Essays are presented in chronological order - from 1918 to the present.The first edition was published in 2002.The second edition includes new essays and archival materials.For each essay indicate the sources and basic literature.The book is intended for historians, ethnographers and all those interested in the history of the state security.-1000 copies.-ISBN 978-5-8090-0092-5.1. Power (collection).2. The bodies of state security - History - Transbaikalia.BBK 67,401,132electronic copy Source: Zabaikalskaya KUNBThe storage location of the original: Zabaikalskaya KUNB
ISBN 978-5-8090-0092-5
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