Federative Republic of Brazil // Selected foreign constitution

Federative Republic of Brazil: [the Federal Republic of Brazil Constitution of October 5, 1988].- -.-Also includes: Act of transitional constitutional provisions (pp 600-646).- References in the footnotes.// Selected constitutions of foreign countries: Textbook for undergraduate / executive editor of BA StrashunMoskva: Publisher Yurayt, 2012. -.- S. 425-646.1. The Federal Republic of Brazil.Constitution.1988. 2. The authorities (the collection).3. Russia and countries of the world (the collection).4. The Federal Republic of Brazil.BBK 67.400.11BBK 63.3 (7Bra) 6electronic copy Source: Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific LibraryThe storage location of the original: Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library
ISBN 978-5-91768-126-9 (в пер. )
Publisher Издательство Юрайт
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