Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin saved the frescoes of the Novgorod Anthony's Monastery

Saved by the frescoes of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God Novgorod Anthony's Monastery: [video] / director and scriptwriter, assembly Tatiana Dyakonova;authors: George P. Gerov, Lyudmila Andreevna secretary, Tamara Anisimova;Operators: Tatiana Dyakonov Vladimir Yarosh, Andrei Osin;Editor: Mary Prilutskaya;Consultant: Julia Komarova;materials: Julia Kolomytseva;Presidential Library, Novgorod State Museum-Reserve - Electronic Data (1 video) -Sankt Petersburg Presidential Library;Veliky Novgorod: Novgorod Museum Reserve, 2018 -System requirements: PC 1 GHz or higher;512 MB RAM or higher;OS Windows;Windows Media Player;video card;star cardAccess: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryTitle screenOn the title frames Presidential Library, Novgorod State Museum-Reserve are rescued murals Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Novgorod Anthony's MonasteryDuration: 34 min 12 Flowers, soundMultimedia electronic editionusers are not permitted to copyThe film is recommended for use for educational purposesIn the film of the series "Saved by the Novgorod fresco" we are talking about Anthony's Monastery, one of the centers of the spiritual life of Russia and masterpieces of art of the XII century the founder and first abbot of the monastery was St. Anthony Roman extant documentary evidence about the life of St Anthony and saved the frescoes of the Cathedralprovide an opportunity to fully explore the history of this period, to touch the high artI Dyakonova, Tatiana II Gerov, George P. (Dr. art) III Secretary, Lyudmyla Andriyivna IV Anisimova, Tamara V aspen, Andrey VI Yarosh, Vladimir Mikhailovich VII Prilutskaya, Maria O. VIII Komarova, Julia B. (art) IX Kolomytseva,Yulia Nikolaevna X Presidential library (St. Petersburg), the XI Novgorod historical-architectural and art museum-zapovednik1 Antonio Roman's monastery Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (Veliky Novgorod, a city) - Murals - Multimediaedition 2 people (collection) 3 The territory of Russia: Novgorod region (collection) 4 Territory (collection) 5 Russian fresco - 11 - 17 centuries - Multimedia publishing 6 Historical DocumentaryLBC 633 (2Ros-4Nov) -7ya04BBK 85 1451 (2) ya04electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PB
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