Provincial archival commissions of scientists Russia: a view from the XXI century

Bayonets, Nicholas V. (Candidate of Historical Sciences; 1977-).Provincial archival commissions of scientists Russia: a view from the XXI century: [video presentation on] First International Petersburg historic forum, 11/01/2019 Presidential Library / Nikolai V. bayonets, Candidate of Historical Sciences (St. Petersburg State University).- St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2019 -Electronic data (video 1).-Title screen.Duration: 27 min 14 s.Sv., Col.Speech NV Shtykova on V plenary session of the First International Forum of St. Petersburg's historic "Archives and History," dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the provincial scientific archival commissions, institutions, which stood at the origins of the Russian historical science in the region.Among the topics that were raised at the meeting, an important place was occupied by questions of interaction of archives, museums and libraries in the modern conditions, historians experience in finding, studying and preserving the sources of acquisition of archive collections, the copyright in the archive.I. International historical Petersburg Forum (1; 2019).II.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.People (collection).2. The provincial archival commissions of scientists - Congresses, meetings, etc ..BBK 63.211 (2) 5ya04electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PB
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