The history of the Crimean (Yalta) Conference


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The history of the Crimean (Yalta) Conference: [Compilation] - January - February 1945 -198 sheets: photos, text, maps, charts, plans, tables -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryDocuments in Russian and English languagesMaterials provided by the main military and political control of the Armed ForcesAn electronic copy of the documentsThe compilation includes 79 photographs of the work of the Crimean conference of the three powers: the USSR, the United Kingdom and the United States in 1945;plans for aircraft arrival;programs and plans for departures and arrivals of planes;information about flights and composition of the crew;bus schedules from the airport;meeting minutes BSF Commander Air Force with representatives of the Union of command;meeting plan and wiring Allied transports in Sevastopol;plans, instructions and schemes providing critical flight;Fighting directives and orders of the Staff of the Black Sea Fleet;instructions for providing notification of the compounds, air defense units and air forces in the Crimea ...;Black fleet radio circuit;dispositions of ships in Sevastopol Bay circuit ...;the orders of the Commander of the Air Force Black Sea Fleet;indication of the southern group of the Air Force;Card Mr. Sevastopol to the decision of the Commander of the Southern Group Air Force;an action plan to ensure the preparation of government flights;the composition of staff on government flights of Air Force leadership in the territory of the Black Sea Fleet;an action plan to strengthen the defense's main naval base;an action plan for the air defense of the airfield Saki;insignia US and British military aircraft;memos and reports, and other documentsusers are not permitted to copyThe collection presents digitized materials on the history of the Crimean (Yalta) conference, the participation of the Black Sea fleet to ensure its security and stay F Roosevelt and Churchill in g Sevastopol bulk of documents: January - February 1945I Russian Federation main military and political control of the armed Sil1 Churchill, Winston (1871 - 1947) - Photo 2 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882 - 1945) - Photo 3 Molotov Vyacheslav Mikhailovich (1890 - 1986) - Photo 4 Crimean Conferenceleaders of the three allied powers - the USSR, the USA and the UK (Yalta, the city, Crimea, 1945) - Documents and materials 5 Memory of the Great Victory (collection) 6 Power (collection)LBC 633 (0) 62-61yu1BBK 633 (2) 622-6yu1an electronic copy of the source: The main military and political control of the Armed Forces
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