Kara and other prison hulks Nerchinsk

Kara and other prison hulks Nerchinsk: Collection of memories, documents and materials: With illustrations, Carian prison plan and map the location of prisons Zabaikalye / Ed.A. Dikovsky-Yakimova and V. Pleskova;Pre.F. Cohn.- Moscow: Publishing House of Political Prisoners, 1927. -303 with 4 l..PORTRAIT.yl..: Map, silt, Table .. - (Historical Library revolutionary journal "penal servitude and exile" Memories, studies, documents and other materials from the history of the revolutionary past of RossiiVsesoyuznoe of politi and exiles settlers; KH 28....-29).-Bibliography.in footnotes.Note..I. Cohn, F .. II.Splash in .. III.Dikovsky-Yakimova, A..1.The area (collection).electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: LSU
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