Fedosyuk Valentina.Mechanical watches, "1907-2007. 100 years of St. Petersburg tram"

Fedosyuk Valentina.Mechanical watches "1907-2007 100 years of St. Petersburg tram." [Photos].- Electronic data (2 files, JPEG: 3 MB).-Sankt Petersburg Presidential Library, 2020. -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title screen.users copying is not allowed.In photos: mechanical watches "1907-2007 100 years of St. Petersburg tram.", With a fabric strap.Manufactured in 2007. Limited Edition.Manufacturer: JSC "Petrodvorets Watch Factory Rocket".Watch with a central second hand and shockproof device, 16 rubies.Waterproof housing.Diameter 30 mm.Dial white, black arrow, time division are marked by Arabic numerals in black.In the upper part of the dial is the emblem of the State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelectrotrans" at the bottom - the inscription: 100 Years of St. Petersburg tram.About numbers 9 and 3 respectively the date of 1907 and 2007. Location: From a private collection.- Fedosyuk Valentina (née Sichinava, 1937-2016.) - a resident of besieged Leningrad.In 1968, she was trained in "the driver of the tram."Tram worked in the park to them.Kalinin from 1968 to 2007.During his career Valentina received a lot of thanks and honorary diplomas.In honor of the 100th anniversary of St. Petersburg tram in 2007, Valentina was awarded by the State Unitary Enterprise "Gorelectrotrans" memorable gift - a wristwatch.I. St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise of urban electric transport.II.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.Fedosyuk, Valentina (1937-2016) - Documents and materials.2. St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise of urban electric transport - Documents and materials.3. The people (set).4. The area (collection).5. The territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, the city (the collection).6. Russia in the people of (the collection).7. Petersburg tram (collection).8. Watches - Photos.9. Residents of besieged Leningrad - Documents and materials.BBK 63.3 (2) 64-8yu9BBK 39.82 (2-2SPb) d.yu9electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: From the private collection
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