Selected Works Jeremy Bentham.T. 1. Introduction to the foundation of morals and legislation.Basic Principles of the Civil Code....

Bentham, Jeremiah (1748-1832).Selected Works Jeremy Bentham / English.ed.Bowring and French.Dumont, ANPypin and ANNevedomsky.T. 1-.- St. Petersburg:, 1867. - 22 - (Library of classical Western European writers in Russian translation).I. Pypin, Alexander (1833-1904).II.Nevedomsky, AN ..electronic copy Source: PBVolume 1: Introduction to the foundation of morals and legislation;Basic Principles of the Civil Code;The basic principles of the Criminal Code / C foreword.SOUTH.Zhukovsky.- Ed."Russian book trade", 1867. - [6], LXII, [2], with 678 .. -Part of the text on the the text and footnotes.Note .. - Copy .: no region, with Manuscript..Litter., def .: p.IX numbered both.XI, p.37-44 are absent..I. Zhukovsky, YU.G..1.Russian (collection).electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: NB MSU
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