Questions of history of pre-class society

Questions of history of pre-class society: Sat.Art.the 50th anniversary of Fr. books.Engels' The Origin of the Family. "- Moscow;Leningrad: Publishing House of the Acad.Nauk SSSR, 1936. -II-XII, 960 p., 2 l.yl., PORTRAIT.: Silt, Table .. - (Proceedings of the Institute of Anthropology, Archeology and Sciences of the USSR etnografiiAkad; T. 4)...-Part of the text on the text and footnotes.Note .. - Copy .: no tit.l., with rukop.Litter., def .: p.813-850 missing, some of the text goes into trouble..I. Engels Fr..1.Power (collection).2. The people (set).electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: MAE
Publisher Изд-во Акад. наук СССР