Arctic Day at the Presidential Library

Arctic Day at the Presidential Library: [news video] / [director, editing, computer graphics: MI Yevseyev;Operator: NY Raytsev;voice-over: MI Yevseyev, A. Khudyakov;Text reads: A. Khudyakov;Project Manager: TE Smolin];Presidential Library.- Electronic data (video 1).-Sankt Petersburg Presidential Library, 2020. -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Systems.Requirements: PC 1 GHz or higher;512 MB RAM or higher;OS Windows;Windows Media Player;video card; screen.Time: 4 min 19 s.Col., Sound.February 28, 2020 in St. Petersburg hosted the Annual Conference "Arctic Day at the Presidential Library."Participants of the event, including video-conferencing are students, graduate students and students of Russian universities and military academies, as well as representatives of organizations involved in the study and development of the Arctic.The main task of the Arctic Day at the Presidential Library is to promote Arctic expeditions, scientific research on Arctic topics, drawing attention to the problems of conservation of the northern region and its unique culture and livelihoods of Arctic communities.The conference opened with a plenary session, followed by the Day of the Arctic in the Presidential Library will continue the cycle of breakout sessions.I. Yevseyev, Marina I..II.Raytsev, Nikolay Yakovlevich.III.Smolin, Tatiana E..IV.Khudyakov, S. Alexander.V. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg City) - Events - 2020 - Multimedia publishing.2. "The Day of the Arctic in the Presidential Library" conference (St. Petersburg, city, 2020) - Multimedia publishing.3. Development of the Arctic (collection).4. The area (collection).5. Arctic - Research - The Russian sector - Multimedia publishing.BBK 63.3 (211) ya04BBK 26.89 (211) ya04electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PB
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