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Zagoruiko, Vitali Ivanovich (1943-2019).Our instant: a poem / VI Zagoruiko.- St. Petersburg on January 27, 2018. -1 sheet.-Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.The poem is written in ink on the hands, the text on one side of the sheet.The electronic fund of the Presidential Library contains materials relatives Zagoruiko VI .: Natalia Novikova Yefimovna (mother), Zagoruiko Ivan (father), Novikova Agrippina Petrovna (grandmother), Novikov Peter Yefimovich (uncle).Electronic version (2 files, JPEG: 3,8 MB).users copying is not allowed.Poem Vitaly Zagoruiko "Our moment" is dedicated to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War and the anniversary of the lifting of the Leningrad blockade.- Zagoruiko Vitaly I. (1943-2019) was born in the besieged Leningrad.He graduated from Leningrad Mechanical Institute, worked as an engineer at the Leningrad Electro-Mechanical Plant.He received a second degree at the Leningrad Institute of Physical Culture.PFLesgaft, at the end worked as a teacher of physical culture and LITMO LEMT, co-author of a textbook on physical training.1. Memory of the Great Victory (collection).2. The people (set).3. Russia in the people of (the collection).4. Residents of besieged Leningrad - Documents and materials.5. The Siege of Leningrad - Fiction - 1941 - 1944.BBK 63.3 (2) 622,11yu1electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: From the private collection
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