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Altai Republic.Coat [Izomaterial] Figure.- 1993. -1 sheet: col .. - (The state symbols of the Russian Federation).-The coat of arms is set to "Regulations on the state emblem of the Republic of Altai", approved by Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Altai on October 6, 1993.The coat of arms of the Republic of Altai is a symbol of state sovereignty, reflects historical traditions and features of the territory and living peoples.The State Emblem of the Republic of Altai is a blue - blue circle bordered by a narrow strip of golden color.On the blue background of the circle represented: at the top of the circle triceps atop one of the highest mountains of Central Asia Belugas Uche-Sumera - white, symbolizing the beauty and power of his native land, in the middle - Griffin (-Kerede Cannes) with the head and wings of a bird andbody of a lion, in the bottom of the circle ornamental image of the two largest rivers of Altai Biya and Katun tributaries (turquoise and emerald green), wavy lines under the tripod hotbed - a symbol of the Teletskoye Lake - Altyn-Kehl (turquoise and emerald).The author of the project of the State Emblem of the Republic of Altai is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation I. Ortonulov.- Materials of the official website of the Republic of Altai ( Power (collection).2. The area (collection).3. The territory of Russia: Altai Republic (collection).4. The Republic of Altai: the pages of history (collection).5. Emblems - Altai Republic.BBK 63.3 (2Ros.Alt) ya6BBK 62.215 (2Ros.Alt) ya6BBK 67.400.581ya6electronic copy Source: National Library of the Republic of Altai them.M.V.ChevalkovaThe storage location of the original: National Library of the Republic of Altai them.M.V.Chevalkova
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