Anthem of the Republic of Mari El

Anthem of the Republic of Mari El: [music] / words D. Islamov;Russian text Vl.Panova;Music Yevdokimov Yu.- Score.- [After 1992].-3 sheet.- (The state symbols of the Russian Federation).-Before notes of the hymn text of Mari El in the Russian and Mari languages.National Anthem of the Republic of Mari El is the official state symbol of the Republic of Mari El.It is a musical and poetic work, performed in Russian and in two dialects of Mari - meadow and mountain.Music was written by a member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation Yuri Evdokimov, lyricist member of the Writers' Union of the Russian Federation Davlet Islam.Russian text Vl.Panova.The position of the hymn approved by the Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the Mari SSR of 09.07.1992 number 313-III.I. Islamov Davlet (poet; 1935-1991).II.Panov, Vladimir Mikhailovich (poet, 1935).III.Evdokimov, Yuri Savvateevich (composer; 1950 -) 1..Power (collection).2. The area (collection).3. The territory of Russia: Mari El, Republic of (collection).4. Mari El Republic: the pages of history (collection).5. Hymns - Mari El Republic.BBK 67.400.581yu11BBK 63.215 (2Ros.Mar) yu11electronic copy Source: Administration of the Head of the Republic of Mari El
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