Typhoid fever in the RT during inter-Tajik armed conflict (epidemiology, clinical features, treatment)

Odinaev, Niyozov SafarovichTyphoid fever in the Republic of Tajikistan during the inter-Tajik armed conflict (epidemiology, clinical features, treatment) the dissertation thesis for the degree of doctor of medical sciences: [specialty:] 14.01.09 - infectious diseases, 14.02.02 - Epidemiology / Odinaev Niyozov Safarovich;[Scientific consultants: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Konstantin V. Zhdanov, MD, professor Rafiev Khamdam Kutfidinovich;Tajik Research Institute of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health of RT SPP].- Dushanbe, 2017. -34 p.: Table.;20. -Bibliogr .: p.30-33 (36 references.)..-100 copies..I. Zhdanov, Konstantin V..II.Epidemiology Research Institute (Moscow) .1.People (collection).2. Russia and countries of the world (the collection).3. Prevention and control of epidemics in Russia (the collection).4. Typhoid - Epidemiology - Tajikistan, Republic of - Abstracts of dissertations.5. Epidemiology.6. Infectious diseases.BBK 55.141.111ya031BBK 51.941.111ya031BBK 51.1 (5Tad) 11ya031electronic copy Source: Central Institute of Epidemiology.Website
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