Formation and development of zemstvo medicine in Simbirsk

Moses, TatyanaFormation and development of zemstvo medicine in Simbirsk province (second half of XIX - early XX century): the thesis abstract on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of historical sciences: specialty 07.00.02 / Tatyana Moses;[Chuvash.state.Univ them.INUlyanov].- Ulyanovsk, 2017. -23 to .. -Protection Location: Chuvashia.state.Univ them.INUlyanov.- List of works with authors .:.22 (7 titles.).- footnotes.Note..-100 copies..1. People (collection).2. The area (collection).3. Domestic history.4. Health.Medical sciences - Health Organization in pre-revolutionary Russia - Zemskaya medicine.Zemstvo medicine in some provinces - Simbirsk.BBK 63.3 (28-8Sim) 5-334ya031BBK 51.1 (28-8Sim) 5ya031electronic copy Source: Chuvash State University.Website
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