Penza Province in respect zhivotnovodstvennom

Kramarenko, KIPenza Province in respect zhivotnovodstvennom: essay / KI Kramarenko.- Penza: steam Tipo-lit.partnership AI Rapoport A. and M. Goldstein, 1916. -90 p.;22 cm. -Without the cover sheet.Described by its cover.Bibliography in the footnotes.- Some impressions of the "Bulletin of the Penza zemstvo", 1915.1. People (collection).2. The area (collection).3. The territory of Russia: Penza region (collection).4. Penza region: pages of history (collection).5. Livestock - Penza Province.BBK 45 (28-8Pen)BBK 63.3 (28-8Pen) 534-21electronic copy Source: Penza ONThe storage location of the original: Penza ON
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