Archival information on wounding Konstantin Smirnov

Archival information on wounding Smirnov Konstantin / Military Medical Museum of the USSR Armed Forces, Information Bureau of the wounded and sick - Leningrad, September 8, 1947 -1 sheet of paper -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryHelp on a form specified sample prepared in hard copy by typing text on a typewriter on the letterhead: Military Medical Museum of the USSR Armed Forces Information Bureau of the wounded and sickThe materials presented Sister Smirnova electronic fund of the Presidential Library To The Insurance Antonina V.Electronic version (2 files, JPEG, 4MB)users are not permitted to copyFAQ Help Desk for the wounded and sick of the Military Medical Museum of the USSR Armed Forces of injury Smirnov Konstantin Compiled September 8, 1947 g at the front of the text: "The Red Army I Tanks Regiment Smirnov Konstantin at the front of the Great Patriotic War was blind shrapnel penetrating wound of the right half of the chestcells and the right brachial plexus neuritis about what March 14, 1942 was treated in the evacuation hospital 3778 May 12, 1942 Mr. Smirnov Comrade K B after treatment has left the Hospital military medical commission on the basis of Article 25, paragraph 90 c I Order number 184-NGO1940 is recognized subject to transfer to the reserve "at the end of the help text - handwritten signature of the chief of the medical service Help Desk Help Colonel Mkhitarova stamped the Military medical museum of the USSR Armed forces - Smirnov Konstantin (1911-1980) - a veteran of World war II July 5, 1941 gIt was mobilized to the front of Dzerzhinsky districtMilitary Commissariat g Leningrad enrolled in 1 tank regiment turret gunner fought at the Leningrad front 10 September 1941 g was seriously wounded in May 1942, was discharged After the war he worked at the "Electric" factory, construction management № 26 For conscientiousto work Smirnov was awarded with letters, his picture was posted on the bulletin board of honorI Smirnov, Konstantin (1911-1980) II Military Medical Museum (Leningrad) Reference Bureau on wounded and bolnyh1 Smirnov, Konstantin (1911-1980) - Documents 2 and Memory Materials of Great Victory (collection) 3 people (Collection) 4 in Russia persons (collection) 5 Great Patriotic war - Heroes and heroism - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials 6 Injured servicemen - Documents and materialsBBK 633 (2) 622,11-8yu1electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: From the private collection
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