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Peter I: [Presentation Video] / Project Author and Scenario, Installation and Computer Graphics: M. I. Evseeva;Scientific consultant: A. V. Voronovich;Editor: T. E. Smolina.- [St. Petersburg]: Presidential Library, 2020. -1 video file.-Access Mode: Internet Portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the screen.Duration: 4 min 21 s.The entire video based on the materials of the Presidential Library E-Fund and tells about the first fifteen years of studying the emperor Peter of the first, about his life in country residences in Preobrazhensky and Izmailovo, as well as in the Moscow German Sloboda.Contains quotes and illustrations from the Foundation documents.I. Evseeva, Marina Igorevna.II.Voronovich, Alexey Vladimirovich.III.Smolina, Tatyana Evgenievna.IV.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1Peter I (Emperor Russian; 1672 - 1725) - Videos.2. House of Romanov (Collection).3. Historical documentaries.BBK 63.3 (2) 511-8Y04Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
Publisher Президентская библиотека
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