Workers deputies in the First State Duma

Balabanov, Mikhail Solomonovich (1873-).Workers deputies in the First State Duma / M. Bs and F. Dan.- S.-Petersburg: Bookbook N. Glagolev, [1907?].-175 p.: tabl .. -Bibliography in substitution notes.- Instance of the REU: without a cover, with handwritten litters..I. Dan, Fyodor Ilyich (1871-1947).II.Russia.The State Duma.Convening (1) .1.Russia.The State Duma.Convening (1).Social democratic fraction.2. Russia.The State Duma.Convening (1).Labor group.3. Power (collection).4. State Duma in the history of Russian statehood (collection).5. Workers - participation in socio-political life - Russia - beginning.20 V ..BBK 63.3 (2) 532-33Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: Ra
Publisher Книгоиздательство Н. Глаголева
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