A thorough description of the solemn orders of safeguarding in the reigning town of Moscow and the priests of the corona of the ...

A thorough description of the solemn orders of safeguarding in the reigning town of Moscow and the priests of the corona of the Majestity of the Majestyweshiga, the masterful of the Majesty of the Majorian Empress Elisavet Petrovna Affilitors of the All-Russian, hedgehog to see the coming on February 28, coronation April 25, 1742 - St. Petersburg: Printano at the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1744- [2], 168 s, [1] L front, 49 l Il, plan: Il;2 ° (51 cm) -The title page is engraved before the start of the text and at the end - one large vignette (view of the Moscow Kremlin and Ball)Simultaneously with the publication in Russian, work was carried out on the publishing book in German, French and LatinEngravings Nos. 1, 2 (1), 3 and 4 exist in two states: up to signature and signature of Engraving Kachalova, Engraving No. 5 - signed: "Gryd Ivan Sokolov" - signed: "Je Grimmel Delin - Gryd IvanSokolov "Initial circulation - 600 copies "for happening defects" additionally printed 50 copiesPublished under the general observation of Yu Trubetsky as a consultant, I was attracted by I Schlyanin, and to Taubert, Architect and I Schumacher and draftsman and E. GrimmelPortrait of Elizabeth Petrovna, according to the original L Caravaca, made by black manner and shiggle, all engravings - and Sokolov, g and Kachalov and X and VortmanA copy of the presidential library in a solo-skinned Maochene binding with gold embossed and bandages (8) on the root;Semi-shine case with gold embossed on the front cover embossed golden monogram Elizabeth I decorative forge, Nakhoda;Anterior Major Cover The copy includes engravings No. 1, 2 (1), 3 and 4 with the signature of the Engravera G Kachalova, Engraving No. 5 - signed: "Gryd Ivan Sokolov" in the portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna at the bottom of the signature: L Caravaca IM - Grav Melniki EngravingPrinted on fine blue paper of smaller format than the text part - an instance of the presidential library with multiple cubs of a mute cover, wavy deformation on cutting a book block, with a loss of an angle on [24] L Il;with traces of restoration on [1] l front port, with 75Coronation album Elizabeth Petrovna - a ceremonial album published on the occasion of the official entry into the throne of the Russian Empress Elizabeth PetrovnaI Shongglin, Johann II Sokolov, Ivan Alekseevich (Engraver; 1717-1757) III Kachalov, Grigory Anikievich (1711-1759) IV Karavak, Louis (1684-1754) VORTman, Christians Albrecht (1692-1760) VI Trubetskaya, Nikita Yuryevich(1699-1767) VII Scheduin, Yakov Yakovlevich (1709-1785) VIII Taubert, Ivan Ivanovich (1717-1771) IX Schumacher, Johann Jacob (1701-1767) x Grimmel, Elias Johann (1703-1759) XIMelnikov (Gravel) XII Academic Printing House (St. Petersburg) 1 Elizaveta Petrovna (Russian Empress; 1709-1762) - Coronation 2 House of Romanov (Collection) 3 Power (Collection) 4 Book Monuments of the Presidential Library (Collection) 5 VTB (Collection)BBK 633 (2) 512-332BBK 633 (2) 512-8Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
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