Heritage S. M. Prokudine-Gorsky (to the 155th anniversary of the birth) and the Bulla dynasty

Anpilova, Natalia SergeevnaHeritage with M Prokudin-Gorsky (to the 155th anniversary of the birth) and the Bulla dynasty: information and methodological webinar for remote access centers to the resources of the Presidential Library / [Speakers: Lights Yuri Ilyich, Member of the Foundation of the Foundation of the Historical Photography of Karla Bulla;ANPILOVA NATALIA Sergeevna, specialist of the service department of users of the Presidential Library;Olga Sergeevna Golovna, Researcher of the Exhibition Department of the Presidential Library;Project curator: Bystrov Maria Nikolaevna, Deputy Head of the User Service Department];Presidential Library, [User Service Department] - [Saint Petersburg]: Presidential Library, 2018 -1 Video Faille -Access Mode: Internet Portal of the Presidential LibraryTitle from the screenDuration: 47 min 44 sCopy users are not allowedOn August 21, 2018, the User Service Department of the Presidential Library held a thematic webinar "Heritage SM Prokudine-Gorsky (to the 155th anniversary of the Birthday) and the Bulla Dynasty" A review of the sources of creativity with the Monovine-Gorsky in the Library Fund, prepared by Honylov, includesPhotos, articles, archival materials and videos, showing the contribution of the author to the preservation of the images of the centuries-old culture of Russia since the lights in their speech "Germans Bulla, Russian and photo reporters" and about from the head in their speech "The photographic heritage of the Bulla dynasty" told about the photographs of the founder of the RussianPhoto report Charles Bulla, about the exhibition "Creative heritage of Charles Bulla and his sons" and about photographs that are in the Presidential Library FoundationI Golovin, Olga Sergeyevna II Lights, Yuri Ilyich (1943-) III Bystrov, Maria Nikolaevna IV Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) Information and Methodical webinar "Heritage with M Prokudina-Gorsky (to the 155th anniversary of the birth) and the Bulla dynasty"V Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) User Service Division1 Prokudin-Gorsky, Sergey Mikhailovich (1863 - 1944) - Multimedia editions 2 Presidential library them B N Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - Funds - Multimedia editions 3 Bulla(Family photographers) - Multimedia editions 4 people (collection) 5 Russia in persons (collection) 6 Presidential Library: yesterday, today, tomorrow (collection) 7 video trackBBK 633 (2) -7Y04BBK 783478Y04.BBK 78.34 (2) y04Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
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