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Anpilova, Natalia SergeevnaTheater in Russia: information and methodical webinar for remote access centers for PB resources / [Speakers: ANPILOVA NATALIA Sergeevna, specialist of the service department of the presidential library;Fedyakhina Elena Gennadevna, head of the work sector with retrospective materials of the St. Petersburg Theater Library;Project curator: Bystrov Maria Nikolaevna, Deputy Head of the User Service Department];Presidential Library, [User Service Division].- [Saint Petersburg]: Presidential Library, 2019. -1 video file.-Access Mode: Internet Portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the screen.Duration: 41 min 55 s.Copying users are not allowed.On January 16, 2019, the service department of users of the Presidential Library held a thematic webinar "Theater in Russia".The event was held in the framework of the year of the theater in Russia.E. G. Fedyukhin in his speech consecrated the history of the creation of the St. Petersburg State Theater Library, and also presented materials from its foundation.Review of the sources of the Russian Theater in the Foundation of the Presidential Library, prepared by N. S. Anpilova, includes historical essays, scientific works of historians and theatersoveov, archival affairs from the fund of the Directorate of Imperial Theaters (RGIA, F. 497), theater repertoines of different years, theatrical magazines,As well as modern research works, the video track of cultural figures, photos of artists, scenery and buildings of theaters.Additionally, recommendations for finding materials in the electronic reading room of the presidential library are presented.I. Fedyakhina, Elena Gennadevna (1967-).II.Bystrov, Maria Nikolaevna.III.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Information and methodical webinar "Theater in Russia".IV.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).User service department.1.St. Petersburg State Theater Library - History - Multimedia editions.2. Presidential Library.B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - Funds - multimedia publications.3. People (collection).4. Year of the theater in Russia (Collection).5. Theater - History - Russia - Multimedia publications.6. Video track.BBK 85.333 (2) y04Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
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