Alexander Nevsky - Heavenly Patron of St. Petersburg

Alexander Nevsky - Heavenly Patron of St. Petersburg: [Information Video] / Presidential Library;[The author of the project and scenario: E. A. Dolgorukova;Installation and computer graphics: A. P. Stanakin;Operators: A. A. Osin, V. M. Yarosh, N. Ya. Raytese;Scientific consultant: A. V. Voronovich;Text reads: M. O. Shuvalov;Project Coordinator: T. E. Smolina].- [St. Petersburg]: Presidential Library, 2021. -1 video file.-Access Mode: Internet Portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the screen.Duration: 4 min 39 p.The information roller of the Presidential Library talks about Russian Great Prince and the commander Alexander Nevsky.Normational meaning of Alexander Nevsky acquired at the first emperor All-Russian Peter Great.St. Petersburg was consecrated by transferring from Vladimir the holy relics of the Blessed Prince.The video presents several key points on the map of St. Petersburg, associated with the name of Alexander Nevsky: Holy Trinity Alexander-Nevskaya Lavra, the Cathedral of the Feodor Icon of the Mother of God, State Hermitage.Also in the video presented materials from the electronic fund of the Presidential Library, which are included in the collection "Alexander Nevsky".I. Dolgorukova, Elena Alekseevna.II.Stanakin, Anatoly Petrovich.III.Raytsev, Nikolai Yakovlevich.IV.Osin, Andrei Alekseevich.V. Yarosh, Vladimir Mikhailovich.Vi.Voronovich, Alexey Vladimirovich.VII.Shuvalov, Maxim Olegovich.VIII.Smolina, Tatyana Evgenievna.IX.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1Alexander Nevsky (Grand Duke Vladimirsky; 1220-1263) - perpetuation of memory - St. Petersburg, city - videos.2. Presidential Library.B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - Funds - videos.3. Power (collection).4. Russia in persons (collection).5. Alexander Nevsky (Collection).6. Presidential Library: Yesterday, today, tomorrow (collection).BBK 78.347.1 (2LD) PBI04BBK 63.3 (2) 42-8Я04Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
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