Chelyabinsk theater of modern dance.Scene from the play "S'ELEVANT"

Gariev, Vitaly (photographer).Chelyabinsk theater of modern dance.Scene from the play "S'ELEVANT": [photo] / Photo Vitaly Gariev.- Electronic graphic data (1 file, JPEG: 0.3 MB).-Chelinsk, 2014. -Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the accompanying document.Information about photographs is provided by the Municipal Budgetary Institution of Culture "Chelyabinsk Theater of Modern Dance".In the photo: the scene from the play "S'ELEVANT".Choreographers Maria Greif and Andrei Zykov.Copying users are not allowed.The Chelyabinsk Theater of Contemporary Dance was created in 1992 by choreographer Vladimir Pona, with the support of the city administration.Artistic director Olga Pona.Over the years of the existence of the team, an extensive repertoire was created, a unique creative face of the theater, his dance, recognizable plastic handwriting was found.More than 20 times the theater performances were nominated to the National Theater Prize "Golden Mask" and received it twice (for the performances of "sketches from nature" and "waiting").The theater troupe has experience in cooperation with foreign choreographers.Currently, many dancers create their own choreographic work.1. Chelyabinsk theater of modern dance - settings - photos.2. Territory (collection).3. The territory of Russia: Chelyabinsk region (collection).4. People (collection).5. Year of the theater in Russia (collection).6. Documentary photos.BBK 63.3 (2rone-4chel) 64-7Я611BBK 85.334.42 (2) 64Я611Electronic copy source: Chelyabinsk theater of modern danceOriginal Storage Place: Chelyabinsk Theater of Modern Dance
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