Collections of the Presidential Library.Series "Historical Law."Vol.8. Mikhail Mikhailovich Speransky in Russian Legal and Histo...

Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Collections of the Presidential Library / Presidential Library.- St. Petersburg: FGBU "Presidential Library", 2011-Vol.8: Mikhail Mikhailovich Speransky in Russian Legal and Historical Science: By 250th birthday = Mikhail Mikhailovich Speransky by Russian Legal and Historical Science: to the 250th Birth Anniversary: ​​Collection of Scientific Labor / Editorial Board: V. G. Count, D-r jurid.Sciences, Professor [and others].- 2021. -246, [1] with .. - (Series "Historical Law" ="Studia Historico-Juridica" Series Operational editors: D. I. Lukovskaya, Dr. Jerical. Sciences, Prof., Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation,N. V. Dunaeva, Dr. Jerical. Sciences, Associate Professor).-The cover indicates the private title of release.Summary in English.The bibliography is indicated in the substitution notes and at the end of articles.The eighth issue of the series "Historical Laws" is devoted to a key figure in the history of Russian law - an outstanding statesman and the law of M. M. Speransky (1772-1839).The compilation materials combine creative ideas and the search for the most Sperans, the assessment of his students and younger contemporaries, the results of the study of various aspects of its multifaceted state and legal activities by historians and legal entities today.-25 cop.-Isbn 978-5-6045633-0-6.I. Grafsky, Vladimir Georgievich (Doctor of Law, 1938 -). 1Speransky, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1772 - 1839) - Collections.2. Power (collection).3. M. M. Speransky (Collection).4. Right - History - Russia - Collections.BBK 63.3 (2) 52-3343Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
ISBN 978-5-6045633-0-6
Publisher ФГБУ "Президентская библиотека"
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