Arrian Peripl Ponta Evsinskago

Arrian, Flavius ​​(OK.90-175).Arrian Peripl Ponta Evsinskago / Translated Andrei Fabr.- Odessa: in the city printing house, 1836. - [14], 49, 4 s., [1] l.front.(Il.), [2] l.Il., cards.;21 cm - -Bibliography in the preface.- Pointer of the names referred to in Arrian Perniple: p.1-4 3 Pagaze.- Instance of Gaguk RK "Alupkinsky Palace and Park Museum-Reserve" with Exlimbarrse: Library of Prince Vorontsova.Alupka..I. Fabr, Andrey.1.Memorial Library M. S. Vorontsova (Collection).2. Black Sea and history - an antique period.3. Black Sea - Ancient Greek description and travel.BBK 63.3 (0) 329.48Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: Gaguk RK "Alupkinsky Palace and Park Museum-Reserve"
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