HET NIEUWEWE TESTAMENT, OF TE ALLE BOCken des Nieuwen Verbonds ONSES Heren Jesu Christi

The New Testament, including all the books of the new teaching ... Jesus Christ is printed by the command of His Majesty Peter the Great, the king of Big and Malaya RussiaBiblia NTHet Nieuwe Testament, Of Te alle boecken des Nieuwen Verbondts onses Heeren Jesu Christi / Gedrukct door last van zyn czraarse majesteyt Petrus den Eersten, keyser van groot en kleyn Russlandt 1-2 deel - In's Gravenhage : By Johannes van Duren, Boeckverkoper, 1717 -[5], 255 Fol, [2], 196 Fol -The copy of the presidential library is a convoy, parts 1-2 are woven together, each part has a separate title sheet of an integral binding, a spine with six bandages, a golden embossing and a pattern, a cutting cut, there is a partial gap of a binding spine, stains on the pages of the book block,The wave -shaped deformation of the book block sheets, the rupture of the book block and the binding cover of the recording with a slate pencil on the foreset, the nahzaca in P 1 - the Paginal error: Sheets 202-204 are numbered as 102-104 - a copy with an eclibris (sticker) on the over -time sheet of the American entrepreneur Cornelius J Hauckk(1893-1967), whose vast library (about 3900 copies) included rare editions on botany, illustrated manuscripts and papyruses in particular the New Testament was acquired from the famous Emil Offenbacher dealer (1908-1990) on September 20, 1957, which is about the sealaA pencil in the upper corner of the Forzets also on the eve of the publication has an ex -literis (sticker) unidentified overhead linesAdele "JLB in Liefde Bloeende" and the signature "EJ Koch" on the 2nd L with walnut ink on the back of the title sheet stamp/Stamp "Presidential Library"During the next trip to Holland, Peter I ordered a typographer Johannes Van Duren to print the New Testament in Dutch with parallel text in Russian Dutch text was placed on half of each page, the other half remained empty Russian text supposed to print the entire circulation in Moscow, about 600 copies, about 600 copies,It was loaded to Russia, however, during transportation, a significant part of the publications was spoiled by water, so only 20 books of the circulation were suitable for further use, nevertheless, in 1719 in St. Petersburg, the Church Slavonic text of the New Testament was published on the surviving instances.that in terms of volume and content, the Dutch text does not correspond to the canonized Slavic, after which, by order of the Holy Synod, part of the circulation of the New Testament was destroyed only a few rare copiesI Peter I (Russian Emperor; 1672-1725) 1 Peter I (1672–1725) (collection) 2 Book Monuments of the Presidential Library (Collection) 3 VTB (collection) 4 Bible New TestamentBBK 8637-22.01Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PB
Publisher By Johannes van Duren, Boeckverkoper
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