Petrovsky Petersburg - Economic Center of the Russian State: On the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great

Petrovsky Petersburg - Economic Center of the Russian State: to the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great: [Electronic exhibition] / Presidential Library, [Exhibition Department;Author-compiler: Nina Nikolaevna Loginova;Design: Maria Vladimirovna Marevskaya].-St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2022. -27 files: h/b .. -Access mode: Internet portal of the presidential library.The title from the screen.Copying by users is not allowed.The electronic exhibition project "Petrovsky Petersburg-the Economic Center of the Russian State" was represented by the presidential library in the days of the XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.Based on the materials of the Fund of the Presidential Library, he reveals the history of the economic development of Petrovsky St. Petersburg in conjunction with the country's economy.During the days of PMEF with this project, at the forum site, guests of the stand of St. Petersburg could familiarize themselves.It is also available on the plasma panels of the multimedia library gallery.I. Loginova, Nina Nikolaevna.II.Marevskaya, Maria Vladimirovna.III.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Exhibition Department 1.Peter I (Russian emperor; 1672 - 1725) - exhibitions.2. Territory (collection).3. Peter I (1672–1725) (collection).4. Russia in faces (collection).5. St. Petersburg, the city - history - 1703 - 1725 - exhibitions.BBK 63.3 (2-2SPB) 51L61BBK 65.03 (2) 5l61Electronic copy source: PB
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