Russia and Byzantium.The history of the relationship

Filatov, Alexey AndreevichRussia and Byzantium.The history of relations: information and methodological webinar for remote access centers [to the resources of the presidential library / speakers: Filatov Alexey Andreevich, specialist of the service of users of the presidential library, Gimadeev Rustam Anasovich, leading researcher of the presidential library;Project curator: Bystrova Maria Nikolaevna, Deputy Head of User Service Department];Presidential Library, User Service Department.-[St. Petersburg]: Presidential Library, 2020. -1 video file (55 min 57 s): cent, ZV .. - -Access mode: Internet portal of the presidential library.The title from the screen.Copying by users is not allowed.January 29, 2020, the service department of users of the presidential library held the thematic webinar "Rus and Byzantium. History of relationships."R. A. Gimadeev in his speech spoke about the history of the study of Byzantinism.A. A. Filatov, as part of the review of the materials of the Fund of the Presidential Library, demonstrated historical and philological studies of Russian-Byzantine relations, the works of Greek authors and a whole block of visual sources, including archaeological artifacts, frescoes, icons and cartographic material.Additionally, recommendations for the search for materials in the electronic reading room of the presidential library are presented.I. Gimadeev, Rustam Anasovich (candidate of philological sciences; 1956-).II.Nastrova, Maria Nikolaevna.III.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Information and methodological webinar "Russia and Byzantium. History of relationships."IV.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).User service department. 1.Presidential Library named afterB. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city)-funds-multimedia publications.2. People (collection).3. Ancient Russia - relationships - Byzantium - multimedia publications.4. Byzantium - relationships - ancient Russia - multimedia publications.5. Video lecture.BBK 63.3 (2) 4-6ya04BBK 63.3 (0) 4-9th04Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PB
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