The history of German humanism

Geiger, Ludwig (1848-1919).History of German humanism / Ludwig Geiger;Per.With him.E.N.Villar;Ed.And with a foreword.Prof.G.V.Forstena.- St. Petersburg: ed.HE.Popova, 1899. -[2], II, 348 p.;20 cm. - (Cultural -historical library).-Bibliogr.In the text and subscription.Note .. - Ex.: without region., With a handle.litter..I. Villar, E.N. .. II.Foresten, Georgy Vasilievich (1857-1910) .1.People (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: St. Petersburg State University
Publisher Изд. О.Н. Поповой

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