Collections of the presidential library.Series "Electronic Legislation".Ext.11. Law and information: issues of theory and practi...

Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Collections of the Presidential Library / Presidential Library.- FSBI "Presidential Library", 2011-.-.1. The Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, city)-collections.2. Electronic libraries - Russian Federation.3. Russia - history - collections.BBK 78.36ya43BBK 78.34 (2) Y43BBK 63.3 (2) Y43Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PBExt.11: Right and information: Theories and practice questions = Law and Information: The Questions of theory and Practice: A collection of materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference / [Scientific Editor: N. A. Sheveleva, Dr. Lawid.sciences, professor].- 2022. -276, [1] s .. - (series "Electronic Legislation").-The cover is only a private title of issue.Summary in English.Bibliography in substitution notes.The collection published materials from the XI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Law and Information: Issues of Theory and Practice", held on November 26, 2021 in the presidential library.Articles on topical issues of improving legislation and legal practice in the field of information relations are devoted to the constitutional legal, administrative, legal, criminal law and other aspects of informatization.Part of the materials concerns the legal problems of the activities of libraries to ensure the access of citizens to information, primarily legal.-25 copies.-Isbn 978-5-6045655-5-1.I. Sheveleva, Natalya Alexandrovna (Doctor of Law; 1957-).II."Law and information: issues of theory and practice", international scientific and practical conference (10; St. Petersburg; 2021) .1.Power (collection).2. People (collection).3. Law and information: modern research (collection).4. Information law - collections.5. Information - protection - legal issues - Russian Federation - collections.6. Informatization - legal issues - Russian Federation - collections.BBK 67.401.114y431BBK 67.404.31y431Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PB
ISBN 978-5-6045655-5-1
Publisher ФГБУ "Президентская библиотека"
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