The Character of the Russians and a Detailed History of Moscow

The nature of the Russians and the detailed history of Moscow: illustrated by numerous engravings: with the discussion of the Russian language and the application containing the political, statistical and historical tables, the narrative of the Imperial Moscow Society of Agriculture, the catalog of plants found in Moscow and its environs, experience about the emergence and developmentArchitectures in RussiaLyall, Robert (1790-1831).The Character of the Russians and A Detailed History of Moscow: Illustrated with Numerous Engraving: with a dissantion on the Russian Language;and an appendix, Containing Tables, Political, Statistical, and Historical;An Account of the Imperial Agricultural Society of Moscow;a Catalogue of Plants Found in and Near Moscow;An Essay on the Origin and Progress of Architecture in Russia, & C.& c./ by Robert Lyall, MD Member of the Imperial Societies of Agriculture and Natural History, and of the Physico-Medical Society, at Moscow;And of Several Societes in Great Britain.- London: Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand, and W. Blacwood Edinburgh, 1823. -28, [2], cliv, [2], 640 p., 19 l.Il.;4 ° (27.6x22.7x5.6 cm).-On the spine: Lyall's Character of the Russianans.The copy of the presidential library in a semi -fed binding with gold embossing and a pattern on the spine.Korushka with bandages (5).Kapal.Marble cut.Liesse.Personal records on out -of -end and crude sheets.- Sticker "Frances Louisa Swayne" on the outlet sheet.On the back of the title sheet, stamp/stamp "Presidential Library"..1. Book monuments of the presidential library (collection).2. VTB (collection).3. The people (collection).4. The year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia (collection).5. The peoples of Russia-historical and ethnographic research-albums.6. Moscow, city - history - albums.7. Russia - history - before the beginning.20th century- Albums.BBK 63.529 (2) Y61BBK 63.3 (2) Y61BBK 63.3 (2-2m) Y61Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: PB
Publisher Printed for T. Cadell, in the strand, and W. Blacwood Edinburgh
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