Proceedings of a free economic society.1888. [T.3].No. 10. October

Free Economic Society (Petersburg).Proceedings of a free economic society.-St. Petersburg, [1765-1900, 1902-1915.-Pol.: Part 1 (1765)-72 (1821) works of the Free Economic Society to encourage agriculture and house-building in Russia (with the insignificant; Izm; part 5 (2nd ed.), 26 (2nd ed.), 31 (1) (1779) - 49 (19) (1794) continuation of the works ...; part 50 (1) (1795) - 61 (1809) a new continuation of the works ...);[1831/1832] (1833) - 1915 Proceedings of the Free Economic Society.In terms of issue: works of the Imperial Free Economic Society..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: Vir1888. [T.3].No. 10. October.- Type.MM.Stasyulevich, 1888. -[482] p.Section.pag.: table .. -Contents: Magazines of meetings of the III Department: April 25 (debate on the report of K.N. Ladyzhensky "On assumptions regarding the monopoly of vodka trade") and October 24, 1887: the actions of society.On tobacco breeding in the provinces: Voronezh, Tambov, Chernihiv, Poltava and Samara: (ending) / V.G.Kotelnikov.The history of the linen industry and its struggle against cotton manufactory: article One / K.K.Weber.On the benefits of agricultural enterprises in the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.A. R. Economic and Agricultural Review.I / A.A.Isaev, [et al.].- the text and subscription.Note .. - Ex.: without tit.l., with a handle.litter..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: Vir
Publisher тип. М.М. Стасюлевича

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