Travel to inland Africa E. Kovalevsky.Part 1. Egypt and Nubia

Kovalevsky, Egor Petrovich (writer; 1809-1868).Journey to the inland Africa E. Kovalevsky: (author of the "wanderer in land and seas" and so on): [in two parts].- St. Petersburg: in the printing house of Eduard Praz, 1849. -2 t.;22 cm. -.1. Africa - description and travel.BBK 63.3 (6)BBK 26.89 (6)Electronic copy source: PBPart 1: Egypt and Nubia.- [6], 164 p., 1 l.front.(ill.), 2 l.Ill., cards.: silt .. -Defective copy: scans 74-87 - Pagination is shot down..1. Russia and the countries of Africa: from the history of relations (collection).2. Russia and the countries of the world (collection).3. Egypt - description and travel of Russians.4. Nubia, historical region.BBK 63.3 (6 celebrations)BBK 63.3 (6 Subtime)BBK 26.89 (6)Electronic copy source: Don GPBOriginal storage location: Don GPB
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