The story of wanderings in general on all parts of an earthly circle,

Prevo, Antoine Francois (1697-1763).The story of the wanderings in general in all parts of the earthly circle, / the works of Mr. Prevo,;reduced by the latest location through Mr. La-harp a member of the French Academy;containing: the most worthy notes, the most useful and best proven way, in the countries of the world, to which Europeans reached;About the morals of these residents, about beliefs, customs, sciences, arts, trade and needlework, with the communion, landscaping drawings and images of things curious into the Russian language transferred 1782 of the Dmitrovsky district in the village of Mikhalev [Mikhail Verevkin].- In Moscow: in the university printing house, N. Novikov, 1782-1787.- 8 ° (21 cm).-At the end of the preface, translator: Mikhail Verevkin.On the title page of Part 5-8: "... translated in 1783, Dmitrovsky district in the village of Mikhalev";Part 9-13: "... translated in 1784, in Klinsky district";Part 14-17: "... translated in 1785, in Klinsky district";h. 18: "... translated in 1786, in Klinsky district";Part 19, 20: "... translated in 1786, in Klinsky district, village Mikhalev";Part 21, 22: "... translated in 1787, in Klinsky district, village Mikhalev."The title of the shmetstitula Part 2-22: Reducing the story of wanderings in general..I. Verevkin, Mikhail Ivanovich (1732-1795) .1.The countries of the world are a description and travel.BBK 63.3 (0) 5y14Electronic copy source: PBPlace of storage of the original: GAUK RK "Alupsky Palace-Park Museum-Reserve"
Publisher в Университетской типографии, у Н. Новикова
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