A collection of geographical, topographic and statistical materials in Asia.Ext.57

A collection of geographical, topographic and statistical materials in Asia.- St. Petersburg: ed.Military-scientist.com.Ch.headquarters, 1895. -.1. Territory (collection).Electronic copy source: PBThe place of storage of the original: GPI.Center for Social and Political HistoryExt.57. - ed.Military-scientist.com.Ch.headquarters, 1894. -x, 424 p., 3 l.pl.: table.;22 x 14.5 cm. -Contents: a brief military-statistical outline of the trip of the officers of the General Staff of the Turkestan Military District in 1889 in the Bukhara Khanate and in the southern part of the Samarkand region / Gener.PC.Colonel Galkin.Absolute heights, certain Hener.PC.Gene.-Major.Matveev, in 1889, the routes of the troops from Samarkand.The Amu Darya River between G.G.Kerki and Kelifa within Bukhara and the Permissive Way / Reconed the gene.PC.Capitol.Vereshchagin.Description of the gorgeous section containing trained paths within the Shaar-Sabiz of the Guzarian bellows and part of the Nagorno Derbent Upland / Gene.PC.Polkovn.Belyavsky, [et al.].- Bibliogr.In the settling.Note .. - Secret..1. Territory (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: St. Petersburg State University
Publisher Изд. Воен.-учен. ком. Гл. штаба

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