Case.G. 14. 1880. No. 9. September

CaseG. 14. 1880. No. 9. September: Journal.Lit.-Polit.- Type.G.E.Blagosvetlova, 1880. -[2], 312, 206 p.: table.;24.5 x 15 cm. -Part of the text on the fr.and English.ulcer.Content: 1. Without a stronghold.(Chap. 7-12): Tale / N.I.Lviv.2. Rice fields: Roman: Per.With Ital.: (ending) / Marquis Colombian.3. Percy B. Shelley.(Art. 1) / V. Basardin.4. Harmony of the night: poem / P. Ya. 5. Fofan: comedy in three actions / I.V.Shpazhinsky, [et al.].- the text and subscription.Note .. - Ex.Def.: p.99 2nd pag.numbered as with.96..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: Military Historical Library
Publisher Тип. Г.Е. Благосветлова

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