The rural owner.G. 28. 1913. No. 50

Rural owner: weekly.Il.Journal.Pract.agriculture and households.- 1885-1918.-Plograd, 1885-1918.- 32.5 x 25 cm. -Publishing House: 1885-1898/99, No. 1-2 K.I.Maslyannikov;1898/99, No. 3-52-1918, No. 1-9 pp.Soykin;1918, No. 10-22 state.type.And the publishing house..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: Military Historical LibraryG. 28. 1913. No. 50: Universal illness.Journal.Pract.Sitting.household and household.- P.P.Soykin, 1913. -2667-2704 STB.: il., table.;32 x 24 cm. -The scientist is Nar.Enlightenment for the foundation.B-KEN.textbook.institutions, real.Uch-sh, teaches.seminaries and beginning.Uch-sh.Reit on October 11, 1913Part of the text in lat.ulcer.Op.In 1885, K.I.Maslyannikov.Since 1898, P.P.Soykin."The rural owner" was awarded to the S.-kh.Exhibitions of the following awards: a large gold medal from the Poluboyarinovsky Islands Sel.household, in 1907, etc.Contents: Jurisdiction of the surveyors / N.K. New at the All-Russian Exhibition of Work horses in the St. Petersburg 1913 / V. Gomilevsky.The result of the test of oats, wheat, barley, millet, corn, sorghum and beetroot / I. Kirichenko.Weed grasses of fields and meadows and the fight against them / N. Vasiliev.Honeycoose clover / N. Shavrov, [et al.].- Ex.: Without region..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: Military Historical Library
Publisher П.П. Сойкин

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