Essay on a comparative study of religion

Ahelis, ThomasEssay on a comparative study of religion / [so-out] Dr. Thomas Ahelis;Per.I.A.Davydova.-St. Petersburg: Brockhaus-Efron, 1906. -111, [1] p.;19 x 14.5 cm. - (Library of self -education under the ed. Prof. P.I. Brownov and V.A. Faseca).-On the region.Aut.: T. Ahelis.Part of the text on it.And lat.ulcer.Bibliogr.In the settling.Note..I. Davydov, I.A.1.People (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: NGPU
Publisher Брокгауз-Ефрон

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