Manuscripts of works in the Ufa province (geography, ethnography, folklore)

Title Manuscripts of works in the Ufa province (geography, ethnography, folklore)
Summary In 1719, the Kazan province was divided into provinces, among which was the Ufa.In 1728, the Ufa province was separated from the Kazan province, with the appointment of the Senate to the special department, and in 1744 it was annexed to the newly formed Orenburg province.In 1781, Ufa governorship was established, which in 1796 was renamed the Orenburg province with a center in Ufa.In 1865, the Orenburg province was divided into two: Ufa and Orenburg.At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were 6 counties in the Ufa province.In 1919, the southwestern part of the Birsky, the northeastern part of the Sterlitamak districts of the Ufa province were included in the formed Bashkir Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic.In 1920, Menzelinsky district of the Ufa province was included in the formed Tatar Soviet Republic.In 1922, the Ufa province was abolished.Her counties were included in the Bashkir Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic
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