Moscow in its past and present. [Issue] 2, part 1

Moscow in its past and present: a luxuriously illustrated edition dedicated to the memory of the historian of Moscow IE Zabelin: [Issue. 1-12]: [collection] / in the ed. take part: prof. DN Anuchin, Yu. I. Aikhenvald, SK Bogoyavlensky [and others] . - Moscow: Education, [1909] - [1912]
[Issue] 2, Part 1. - [1909]. - 138 pp., 26 liters. yl. : ill. - Without tit. l. - Bibliograf. in the note. - Contents: Foreign Policy and the Growth of the Territory of the Moscow State in the 16th Century / VI Picheta. Moscow humanists and obscurants / prof. V. M. Dovnar-Zapolsky. Troubles of the beginning of the XVII century and its Moscow reflections / PG Vasenko. Moscow Zemsky Sobor / prof. SF Platonov .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Moscow, city - History - Collections.
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