Russian old.G. April 1873, Vol. 8, [Vol.12, December]

Russian old: historical monthly edition.- G.1-49.-S. Petersburg, 1870-1918.-.1. Domestic serials and serials (collection).2. The people (set).3. Russian language (the collection).4. Russia - History - to 1917 - Periodicals.5. Historical magazines - Russia - 19-20 centuries ..BBK 63.3 (2) ya52G. April 1873, Vol. 8, [Vol.12, December].- Printing VS Balashov, 1873. -IV, p.823-1034, XII, 210 col .. -Contains .: The issue of "Russian ctariny" in 1874 (the fifth year).Home Monument Nicholas Gavrilovic Levshina, 1788-1804 gg./ Msg.NP Baryshnikov.Empress Catherine II: in correspondence with.a. Paul Petrovich in.a. Maria Feodorovna, 1787-1792 gg.Companions of Catherine II: 1. Pr.Alexander Golitsyn, the Vice-Chancellor.[D.] 1807 2. Jacob Sievers, the governor of Novgorod.[D.] 1808 3. Count Yakov Bruce, Moscow.[D.] 1803 5. Count Alexander Bezborodko.[D.] 1799 6. Ivan Betskoy.[D.] 1795 7. Count.Peter Ivanovich Panin.[D.] 1789 Smolensk nobles and peasants obliged.1846-1849 gg./ Msg.IV Main, and other materials.- Index of personal names that are in the "Russian Antiquities" in 1873: col.1-210.- References in the footnotes.- References Sheet: a.2-3 cover..1. The House of Romanov (collection).electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: MOGNB
Publisher типография В. С. Балашева
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