Pantheon of Russian authors

Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766-1826).    
Pantheon of Russian authors / bThe creation of Plato Beketov. - Moscow: printed in the Senate Printing House near Selivanovsk, 1801-1802. - 2 ° (38 cm). -
Sketches accompanying portraits of Russian writers, belong to the pen of NM Karamzin.
Described by grav. title page. The typography is indicated on the back of the notebook of the notebook 1 and on the cover of the notebooks.
Censorship: Mosk. cens. (tetra 1, 2), Moscow. c. Governor (tetra 3, 4).
Title page of part 1 of grav.
Preface by P. P. Beketov on p. [5].
In one of the copies, the advertisement of the publisher about the release of the 4th notebook is pasted; It is also reported that the portrait of IS. Barkov delayed and will be issued with the 5th notebook. For the rukop. signature PP. Beketova: Ticket for getting a portrait of Mr. Barkov. Platon Beketov.
Portraits: Boyan (Figure F. Kinel, engraved by NI Sokolov), Nestor (engraved by NI Sokolov), Nikon (engraved I. Rozonov), AS Matveev (engraved by I. Rozonov), Princess Sophia Alekseevna (engraved by I. Rozonov), Simeon of Polotsk (engraved by NI Sokolov), Dimitry of Rostov (engraved by I. Rozonov), Feofan Prokopovich, prince A. Ya. Khilkov (engraved by I. Rozonov), Prince A. Cantemir (engraved by NI Sokolov) VN Tatishchev (engraved by A. Osipov), S. Klimovsky (engraved I. Rozonov), P. Buslaev (gravel A. Osipov), VK Trediakovsky (engraved NI Sokolov), Sylvester Kulyabka (engraved I. Rozonov, Gedeon (engraved I. Rozonov), Dimi Sechenov (engraved by AA Osipov), SP Krasheninnikov (AA Osipov), IS Barkov (AA Osipov), MV Lomonosov (grav. NI Sokolov).
Allegorical frontispiece by drawing A.I. Klaudo, etching, dotted by I.Rozonov.
Copy (notebooks 1 - 4) in the publishing cover.
Portraits of Russian writers are made by serfs P P. Beketova under the leadership of NI Sokolov from the collection of portraits collected by Beketov.
Information on the book and essays on the Theophanes Prokopovich, Trediakovsky and Lomonosov NM Karamzin, see: The Messenger of Europe (1802. - Part 5, No. 20. - P. 285 - 291).
I. Kinel, Theodore. II. Claudot, Anton Ivanovich. III. Beketov, Platon Petrovich (1761-1836). IV. Sokolov, Nikolay Ivanovich. V. Rozonov, Ivan. VI. Osipov, Alexei Agapievich (about 1770-1850) .1. Boyan (2nd floor 11th - early 12th centuries). 2. Nestor (late 11th - early 12th centuries). 3. Nikon (Minov, Nikita, Patriarch of Moscow, 1605 - 1681). 4. Matveyev, Artamon Sergeevich (1623 - 1682). 5. Sofya Alekseevna (the princess of Russia, 1657 - 1704). 6. Simeon of Polotsk (1629-1680). 7. Dmitry Rostovsky (Tuptalo Daniil Savich, Metropolitan, 1651-1709). 8. Prokopovich, Theophanes (1681 - 1736). 9. Khilkov, Andrei Yakovlevich (1676 - 1718). 10. Cantemir, Antioch Dmitrievich (1708 - 1744). 11. Tatishchev, Vasily Nikitich (1686 - 1750). 12. Klimovsky, Semyon (18th century). 13. Buslaev, Peter (18th century). 14. Trediakovsky, Vasily Kirillovich (1703 - 1768). 15. Sylvester (Kulyabka, Simeon Petrovich, Archbishop of St. Petersburg, 1701 - 1761). 16. Gideon (Krinovsky, Grigory Andreevich, Bishop of Pskov and Narva, 1709 - 1767). 17. Demetrius (Sechenov, Daniil Andreevich, Metropolitan of Novgorod and Velikolutsky, 1709 - 1767). 18. Krasheninnikov, Stepan Petrovich (1711 - 1755). 19. Barkov, Ivan Semenovich (1732 - 1768). 20. Lomonosov, Mikhail Vasilyevich (1711 - 1765). 21. Russian language (collection). 22. N. M. Karamzin (collection). 23. The people (the collection). 24. Russian writers.
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